Cash For Your Military Retirement or VA Disability Pension


Selling Your VA Disability Payments

​If you, like many others have tried to borrow money against your VA disability payments, you know that When attempting to secure a collateral loan, it is almost impossible to make use of your VA disability pension income as the security for that loan.

If you have been looking to secure a lump sum of cash using your VA disability payments as income, we have exciting news for you. Bradling's innovative VA disability lump sum buyout program helps veterans raise the funds they need by selling a trickle of future VA disability income for a lump sum of cash.​


Why Chose Us To Sell Your VA Disability​

Bradling's innovative VA disability lump sum buyout program allows veterans to cash in 3 to 10 years of VA disability pension and receive one large lump sum payment in return! This is a new program with a new funding source and we’re seeing some clients receiving funding in under two weeks! Even better, with this program you can get approved for funding even if you’ve been turned down by other funding sources.

What's so great about this program is that you do not have to sell your entire monthly payments. You are able to retain some or most of your pension payments as well as sell a portion off for a lump sum of cash.​


Requirements to sell your VA disability

  • Your total monthly household income must be above $3000
  • You must currently be receiving pension payments
  • You must be willing to sell a minimum of $400 monthly



You are a gift and working with you guys was a blessing. Two thumbs up.

- Barbra C AZ
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How we can help

This isn’t a loan, and you won’t be losing control of your benefits. Our team of experts will help you use your payments to secure a lump sum of cash that you can put to use any way you like. While it’s true that there is security in having guaranteed future payments, what good is that future security if you’re going through a hardship today? If having a lump sum of cash today could help you achieve your goals and have the life you want to have, then let our team of experts work with you to determine if this process is right for you.


Facts about selling your VA Disability:

Selling a portion of your VA disability payments allows you to turn future income into present cash, putting control of your money into your hands. ​

By selling some of your future VA disability payments you can liquidate debt, start a business, improve your credit score or just put some cash aside for peace of mind.

You’ve worked hard to earn your money; shouldn’t you have control over it?


Innovative Pension Lump Sum Buyout Program:

Bradling is the go-to source when you want to leverage your VA disability benefit income stream for a lump sum of cash, in order to cover an unexpected life event, finance an opportunity, or simply to have the peace of mind that cash on hand can bring. most people would rather have a few dollars today than a few cents today and tomorrow. We can help you leverage your assets into cash that YOU own!

Through our market-leading program, we help you sell a portion of your future VA disability pension income – it’s not a loan, and you’re not “selling your whole pension.” This process is very different than most traditional ways of raising capital, and that means it’s an innovative solution that can work when other doors may be closed.


The question many may ask is "how much will I get from selling my pension?".

There is no set amount. There are hundreds of options available when it come down to selling your VA disability depending on the amount of payments and the terms. You can sell anywhere from $400 per month up to 70% of your net monthly payments. Terms vary from 3 to 10 years. Here is a very small example of current rates that a pensioner can qualify for. Please note that these numbers are subject to change at any time.

$400 sold for 5 years can payout $10,982.22
$1000 sold for 4 years can payout $24,786.71
$2000 sold for 3 years can payout $40,465.18

​$1000 sold for 5 years can payout $28,355.56
$1000 sold for 6 years can payout $34,378.48
$1000 sold for 7 years can payout $37,688.97
$1000 sold for 8 years can payout $40,409.04

As you can see, shorter options are much more beneficial and that is because of the money loss of value over time. 1 dollar is worth more in 4 years than it is in 6, 8 or 10 years.

You can always simply request a quote and we will reach out to you with the best possible options.