Sell Your Police Pension For a Lump Sum of Cash

Selling your police pension

The short answer is YES, you can sell your Police Pension today and receive a lump sum payment in return for turning over some of your future pension payments.

You are able to sell your police pension and receive a cash settlement up front, but that does not mean you must sell your entire pension. If you only want tosell a portion of it, say $50,000, that is possible as well. You are able to retain some pension payments as well as sell a portion off for a lump sum cash amount today.

There is a minimal list of requirements that must be met in order to sell your police pension.

-You must currently be receiving pension payments
-You must be willing to sell a minimum of $400 monthly or $4,800 annually of your pension payment

​When you get a lump sum pension payout you are selling a set amount of your future pension income for a lesser sum today! It is important to understand when you choose a lump sum pension payout you may get less money than you would have received if you did not sell a portion of your future income; This is not a pension loan! This is because you are selling your future pension income at a discount. What does that mean? It means you are willing to accept a smaller lump sum today so that you can use the cash now.

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