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Loan Against Pension Payments

Sometimes in life we encounter situations that raise the need of having a large or small sum of cash in order to cover an unexpected live event, finance an opportunity or simply have the peace of mind that cash on hand can bring. 

Today, personal loans, hard money loans and payday cash advances are just a few and the most common ways of raising capital. No matter which route you choose, lenders require a collateral which in most cases that collateral can be your income combined with credit worthiness and in some cases other valuable assets like a paid off home or automobile.

The problem that most pensioners come across is that when attempting to secure a collateral loan, it is almost impossible to make use of your pension income as the security for that loan.

Unfortunately, banks, lenders and other financial institutions do not recognize pensions as a secure source of income for a loan.

So, can you get a loan using your pension payments?

Short answer is yes! If you have been looking to secure a lump sum of cash using your pension as income, we have exciting news for you. Bradling's innovative Lump Sum Pension Advance program helps pensioners raise the funds they need by selling a trickle of their future pension income for a lump sum of cash.​

Here is how it works:

You can exchange a portion of your pension payments for one large lump sum payment in return! With this program, there are multiple options available as to how much of your payments and how many years you are willing to give up in exchange for how much. 

Typically clients can receive funding in under two weeks and even better, with this program you can get approved for funding even if you’ve been turned down by other funding sources.

What's so great about this program is that you do not have to sell your entire monthly payments. You are able to retain some or most of your pension payments as well as sell a portion off for a lump sum of cash.​

The type of pension and monthly payments determine what terms can be available. Terms range from 3 to 10 years and minimum payments you must receive in order to qualify is $400 per month.

Please note that you must be currently receiving your pension in order to qualify for this program. You can find out what options are available for you by simply filling out the form here to request a free no obligation quote.

Author: Alex Ham. June 6th 2017

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What are the requirements for a pension advance:

-You must have other source of income
-You must currently be receiving pension payments
-You must be willing to sell a minimum of $400 monthly

How we can help:

This isn’t a loan, and you won’t be losing control of your benefits. Our team of experts will help you use your payments to secure a lump sum of cash that you can put to use any way you like. While it’s true that there is security in having guaranteed future payments, what good is that future security if you’re going through a hardship today? If having a lump sum of cash today could help you achieve your goals and have the life you want to have, then let our team of experts work with you to determine if this process is right for you.

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We will help you gather everything you need, help you through the process and get you your cash fast.

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This company really helped me out in a time of need. They worked step by step with me and made sure I had everything I needed every step of the way. They were truthful and honest from day one and I would definitely recommend them!

- Jermaine R, Florida

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