Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of pension sales do you help facilitate?

We assist in the sale of corporate and federally-backed pensions (such as military retirements, VA Disability income streams, federal government employee retirements, etc.) and pensions backed by the PBCG (Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp). If you’re not sure whether you’ll qualify, please feel free to give us a call or contact us using the form on this website. Please note that we cannot assist in the sale of Social Security or Social Security Disability Income benefits.


Will you check my credit?

We will ask you to send in a copy of your credit report, which you can get for free from This is for our records and is just one part of the overall qualification process. Poor credit will not automatically disqualify you from consideration. If you are interested in the Bradling process but have poor credit, judgments, past bankruptcies, or other blemishes on your report, we still encourage you to apply.


Is there a minimum pension amount?

You must receive a net benefit of at least $535/month. Please note that you must be currently receiving this benefit in order to qualify.


How much does the pension sale cost me?

To answer this question, you must compare the value of a pension’s future dollars to present dollars in hand today. We do this using a purely objective, mathematical formula. The actual cost to you will vary depending on the amount you choose to sell, and the length of time for which you choose to sell. Since every case is different, we encourage you to discuss specific dollar amounts with your Bradling adviser. There is no application fee or processing charge to work with us.


Why not just go to the bank or a credit card cash advance?

In today’s economic climate, neither banks nor credit card issuers recognize future pension payments as collateral –  a serious limitation for people in need of short-term capital. Bradling is a market leader in the exchange of future pension payments for present dollars. Furthermore, credit card issuers will charge you 18-24% or more per year in compound interest if your balance isn’t paid off in thirty days. We offer a necessary service to help you work against these restrictive funding practices. In point of fact, many of our clients use our service to pay off credit card debt with oppressive interest rates.

How long does it take after application to receive funds?

While every case is different, we typically recommend clients prepare for an average turnaround time of 4-8 weeks. The process can sometimes be completed much more quickly – and sometimes it takes longer. We cannot know for sure how long any given case will take to close because we do not buy them ourselves (remember: we help facilitate the sale of your income stream to a buyer), and we cannot guarantee the speed with which a third-party buyer will move. However, rest assured that our singular goal is to assist you in the quickest, most efficient way possible. Now that you’ve learned how Bradling can turn your future potential income into immediate cash in your hands, it’s time to learn how much money you you can receive. The next step is filling out our no-obligation quote request if you’re ready to get YOUR money in YOUR hands!

We need a little information to process a quote and show you what you qualify for.


Review your options

Selling a portion of your future military pension or VA disability payments allows you to turn future income into present cash, putting control of your money into your hands. ​
By selling a portion of your future military pension or VA disability payments your can liquidate debt, start a business, improve your credit score and put cash in your pocket now.
Nowhere else can you leverage your military retirement or VA disability benefit income by exchanging a future trickle of income for cold, hard cash in your hands today. You’ve worked hard to earn your money; shouldn’t you have control over it?