Selling your pension:

Selling a portion of your pension payments allows you to turn future income into present cash, putting control of your money into your hands. ​

Use the cash for anything from consolidating debt, starting a business, improving your credit score and stash some away.

Nowhere else can you leverage your pension by exchanging a future trickle of income for cold, hard cash in your hands today. You’ve worked hard to earn your money; shouldn’t you have control over it?


This is not a loan

And you are not selling your entire pension. Through our market-leading program, Bradling helps you leverage your assets – This process is very different than most traditional ways of raising capital, and that means it’s an innovative solution that can work when other doors may be closed.


It's your money. Sooner.

By selling a portion of your pension, you are exchanging a future trickle of income for cold, hard cash in your hands today. You’ve worked hard to earn your money; shouldn’t you have control over it?


Who we are:

At Bradling we are experts in pension purchases. We specialize in giving a lump sum payment to those that are currently receiving monthly payments from a pension. The lump sum pension purchase service we provide is fast. You get a free, no-obligation quote. After you accept the quote, if you qualify, we prepare all the required documents and complete the process. We make selling a piece of your retirement pension easy.


Why choose us to sell your pension:

We are a market leader in the growing cash flow and investments industry. We assist clients all across the country to liquidate their debt and put cash in their pockets NOW! We will do the same for you. Not only we help clients sell future income streams, we get our clients the most money for those payments. At Bradling we are in the business of getting our clients "TOP DOLLARS" for their income stream.


Pensions we specialize in:

  • Military
  • VA Disability
  • City and State
  • Police and Fire fighter
  • Teachers
  • Postal service
  • Corporate and Gov retirement
  • Lottery winning
  • Most other pension qualify



You are a gift and working with you guys was a blessing. Two thumbs up.

- Barbra C AZ
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When selling your pension can be advantageous:

Here are just some of the key reasons why selling a small piece of your pension with our company may be of great value.

1. Only consider selling your pension if it will ultimately SAVE you money.

2. Debt Consolidation is the reason 95% of applicants apply. Everyday we see people sell (for example) $800 of their pension and pay off $1800 of monthly bills.

3. In this tight financial environment where small business loans are almost impossible to qualify for, many applicants have found our pension lump sum buyout services to be the solution to getting their own small business off the ground.

4. The ultimate "end game" for many if not most applicants is to "clean up their credit" so they can avail themselves of better interest rates on cars, homes and major purchases. For many of our customers that's a big "Mission Accomplished"..

In conclusion, if you have previously requested a quote but not proceeded please know we will always be available come a time you require our services. If you have applied and successfully completed your pension sale please keep us in your contacts, we are always available for any questions or concerns. If you have applied and not met our criteria to proceed, please know we are always available to reconsider should your financial situation change .